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How to not find yourself at the centre of another N12 tragedy

The global average of deaths as a result of car accidents is 18 per Comms-K53100 000 people. While accurate figures are difficult to obtain, the World Health Organisation says South Africa has the sixth most deadliest roads to drive on in the world. The most recent stats from 2010 say the death rate, due to car accidents, was sitting at 31.9 per 100 000 people in South Africa. This is almost double the world average.

If these figures seem alarming to you – they should not be. Approximately 50% of South African driving licenses have been obtained fraudulently. This means that every second driver cannot be considered competent. If those who are driving around with licenses obtained illegally had an opportunity to go reacquaint themselves with K53 principles we could drastically reduce the 17 000 car crashes that occur every day and the 20 000 deaths on the road annually.

The importance of ensuring drivers have a strong grasp of the basics of K53 is especially important for business owners. When an employee presents you with a driving license there is no way to know if it was obtained legitimately. Sending drivers for a K53 remedial course could help you avoid finding yourself at the centre of a tragedy like the accident on the N12 near Alberton recently.

The driver training organisation, MasterDrive, has a K53 remedial course which can be your saving grace. “Many drivers on South African roads have less than ideal skills – ultimately they can’t drive. The results of this course have been specifically proven to enhance the skills of your existing driving forces,” says Eugene Herbert the Managing Director of MasterDrive.

Yet, it is one thing to know the theory of how to drive according to the rules of K53 and another to put this into practice. A K53 remedial course acts as a precursor to a full advanced driving course where you can put the basics into practice in a one-on-one interaction. Safe driving takes more than safety checks and adequate following distances, you also need to know techniques for driving in high congestion or what to do when driving at night.

Another sad reality for many people is that they may not know how to drive according to K53 standards because they never had the opportunity to learn. If you own a company that invests in their people, a K53 course gives you an opportunity to change that and consequently change lives.

“This training is great for companies that wish to offer an upgrade opportunity to employees who want to obtain a driving license. A driving license is a passport to a better life. Companies who take a proactive stance in their employees extract greater value,” says Herbert.

Perfecting an art requires you to know the basics. Ultimately, driving safely is an art and you need an extensive understanding of the rules of K53 to perfect it. A K53 remedial course gives you and your employees the opportunity to reacquaint yourselves with those rules.







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