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New range of reversible air - water water chillers for indoor CIAT Cooler installation

CIATCooler LP/ILP, the new range of reversible air/water water chillers for indoor CIAT Coolerinstallation, now offers 32 models covering net refrigeration capacities from 18 to 195 kW and net heating capacities from 22 to 215 kW. Available in standard or HEE (High Energy Efficiency) versions, this range is well suited for both new and renovated buildings. CIATCooler LP/ILP is Eurovent-certified and includes all of the latest technologies, placing it at the top of the energy tables with an EER of up to 2.86 (HEE range) in energy class A. In heat pump mode, 80% of the models are in class A.

CIATCooler LP/ILP offers 14 more models than the previous CIATCooler range in either cooling or reversible versions. CIAT thus targets large tertiary sector buildings such as office blocks, hospitals, hotels and shopping centres with surface areas of up to 4,000 m2. To facilitate installation, the entire range is based on the same design. There are four versions: the LP series offers cooling only, LPC combines cooling and a hydraulic system with or without a buffer tank, ILP is reversible and ILPC is reversible and hydraulic with or without a buffer tank. The hydraulic module includes a circulation pump, an expansion vessel, a safety valve, a drain valve, a steam trap and a strainer. To meet transportation and installation requirements, the optional tank can be included to the unit (up to model 360STD or 280HEE) or come in a separate housing. This tank may also be equipped with electrical resistors for additional or back-up heating.

To further facilitate installation, the inlet and outlet connections are located on top of the unit so as to not be affected by ground constraints. The ductwork for the intake and discharge valve can be installed for rear (up to models 600STD and 360HEE) or vertical discharge. Finally, with its width designed to be as accurate as possible to exact needs (860mm to 1200m on the largest two models), the CIATCooler LP/ILP range is the perfect solution for installation in renovated buildings.
The energy efficiency of CIATCooler LP/ILP is particularly optimised. The refrigeration circuit uses R410A ecological cooling fluid, which guarantees high performance. A new brazed plate evaporator reduces the refrigerant load, and latest-generation SCROLL compressors have also been integrated. The energy efficiency has also been improved thanks to the addition of  entrifugal fans allowing pressures between 7 and 35mmCE to the whole range regardless of the discharge direction, and the use of an IE2 high-output

electric motor which meets CEI 60034-30 standards. The HEE version, equipped with a PLUG FAN-type free-wheel motorised fan, is even more powerful with an energy classification of A for all models.
Available for all models in the CIATCooler LP/ILP range the Connect 2 control system is multilingual, ergonomic and communicative (MODBUS-JBUS open protocol and ETHERNET gateway are standard). It has many auto-adaptive functions.

A large range of options is available in order to meet the client’s needs and the equipment’s installation conditions, whether this be to facilitate installation and make it safer, to save energy, or to adapt to specific weather constraints.








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