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Working solutions with TML as it spreads its footprint into Africa

Building on the back of huge success worldwide the TML TML SA is also a distributor for PromoveTechnik brand (established in Germany in 1993) widens its reach across Africa with representation in South Africa.

Abroad TML is an established world market giant for mobile de-bricking machines in the iron and steel industries and has its own sales and services facilities in Brazil, China, India and the Ukraine including TML Technik GmbH’s head office and production centre in Germany.

TML Technik (SA) (Pty) Ltd opened its doors in Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008 and offers not only a wide range of tailormade machine tools but also conducts on site flow tests, hydraulic remote control installations for their customers. All TML products are developed, designed and manufactured in Germany.

Says TML Technik GmbH’s, Volker Bongardt: “Personally I think our new 5.5-ton model UNIDACHS C0520 – recently launched in South Africa - will prove to be popular very soon. At TML we offer our customers a partnership with solutions; we are not just well known for our products. Our philosophy is to support customers by tackling their problems with custom made machinery, which further underpins TML SA’s commitment to boosting productivity by minimising production down time.”

TML flagship products include telescopic de-bricking machines with a 360 degree rotating boom (UNIDACHS models were first introduced in 1963). These machines are a niche product with a key role in the metallurgical industry; they are extremely popular overseas and are set for success on our shores.

This de-bricking machine increases production in the metallurgical industry as it works in extremely hot conditions. It is energy saving due to reduced heating periods and has a longer life of refractoriness. As the machine is precise in its movements it is also a time-saving tool.

Says Leonette Bethell, Director, TML Technik (SA) (Pty) Ltd: “The industry is currently experiencing challenging times, especially in the mining and steel sectors. Satisfied customers worldwide trust the TML brand and local markets havereacted positively to our offerings.”

In addition to quality products and services and keeping spare parts TML guarantees after sales customer service that include inspections, maintenance, safety testing and machinery repairs.

TML SA has sold various products to some of the main metallurgical plants in South Africa and southern Africa in the past few years and plans to expand its product range throughout the continent. The African market needs further development when compared to other markets, as in many cases work is done in a very simple way with less efficiency, a short term view, less focus on safety and includes fewer cost savings.

Says Bethell: “With our product range we aim to improve the production process of ferrous and non-ferrous industries that use the smelting process. The African continent is increasingly important due to the high volume of minerals, which are mined and finished in smelters that are close to the mines. We offer solutions for the production process and are committed to being a long term partner in providing all plant machinery.

“We build close relationships with our customers and offer working solutions and products dedicated to tough jobs.”

TML SA is a sales and service subsidiary within the TML Group for telescopic de-bricking, charging and stoking, slag raking and manufactures specially developed machines.

TML SA is also a distributor for Promove hydraulic hammers and shears, Gross-Funk remote controlled systems, McQuaid Engineering pedestals, mobile and scaler boom systems for crushing and handling purposes as well as MPTech laser and radar technology for slag and hot spot detecting and levelling sensors in metallurgical plants.

For more information about TML SA: 011 420 0988 or visit www.tml.com.







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